Friday, January 6, 2017

What's the difference between the cold outside and the cold in the cryosauna?

You may be wondering, as you drive through snow or across icy roads to do whole-body cryotherapy, "Why am I still doing this?" Can't I just stand outside?"
Valid question.

The cold outside is not nearly as beneficial for you as the cryosauna!

The cryosauna triggers your body's cold receptors into protecting you, which sends your body into a head-to-toe reboot! The cold outside simply does not.

Whole-body cryotherapy involves lowering your skin surface temperature to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, by enveloping the body in temperatures at -166 Fahrenheit or colder. It is impossible to achieve this being outside!

The cold outside, while being slightly beneficial to boosting your immune system, cannot even compare to the cryosauna! The cryosauna not only gives your immune system a huge boost, but it also helps flush toxins from the body. Blood is pulled inward, away from extremities during your treatment. Once you step out of the cryosauna, nutrient/oxygen-enriched blood is sent back into your extremities and throughout your body, as lymphatic drainage is increased. The cold outside simply cannot aid in toxin removal.

The cold outside cannot reduce inflammation on the level at which whole-body cryotherapy can. Blood may be slightly pulled away from your fingertips if you're outside long enough, but during a whole-body cryotherapy treatment, blood is not just pulled away from the fingertips. It's pulled from the legs and arms and into the core, as vasoconstriction occurs, meaning vessels are constricted as blood is held in the core!

 The cold outside has little to no benefit on inflammation and pain! In fact, the cold outside, especially when coupled with changes in pressure, can cause joint pain flare-ups. The cryosauna was developed specifically to treat join pain!

Calorie burning; You might burn 5-10 calories while shivering outside, but the cryosauna triggers a full-out metabolic response in which you'll burn anywhere from 400-800 calories! That's basically an hour and a half's worth of cardio, all from one 3-minute session!

There are so many reasons as to why whole-body cryotherapy is so much better than just standing outside. The reasons listed above are barely skimming the surface, but you catch our drift...The cold outside and the cryosauna are simply incomparable!

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