Thursday, August 10, 2017

Whole-body Cryotherapy & Radiation Treatments - Ken's Testimonial

I was diagnosed with lymphoma sarcoma in February 2017. A very close friend of mine, Erin Kistner, insisted that I give cryo a try as it would help me during my radiation treatments. I was still not truly convinced, but Erin was determined and went as far as to pay unlimited treatment for two months.

I had 28 sessions of radiation. I went 5 days a week each afternoon, M-F. I also went to Cryo-X, 5 days a week in the morning, M-F. My radiologist prescribed a cream that I was to use three times a day for the duration of the radiation treatment. The cream was to help with keeping my skin from burning & blistering from the intense radiation that was isolated to the area of the tumor. I only used the cream a half a dozen times during treatment and only applied it two times a day on those occasions. I believe cryo kept my skin from damaging from the radiation!

I was scheduled to have surgery after the radiation treatment, but was told there was a cooling off period of 4 weeks to allow for the skin to heal, but when the surgeon examined my skin, he was amazed, no skin damage! Surgery was scheduled the day after my last radiation treatment.

I firmly believe that cryo helped in several areas with my treatment and now recovery period.

  • More energy, was told my radiation treatment would make me exhausted, never happened. All my Dr.'s were amazed at how much energy I had through all the treatments.
  • Skin undamaged, did not have to wait 4 weeks for surgery, reduced my risk of cancer spreading, tumor removed sooner, radiologist and surgeon were amazed how well my skin looked after treatment.
  •  Maintained a healthy weight during treatment, no severe weight loss
  • Quicker recovery from my multiple surgeries 
  •  Cancer was isolated to the one tumor, no other tumors found
 I want to thank the entire staff at the Grapevine location. They are friendly, genuine, and truly care about the people they treat. highly recommend to all.

Lastly, to Erin, who without her recommendation I would've never tried cryo - THANK YOU!


Ken Whalen

Lewisville, TX

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Treat Your Skin with Whole-body Cryotherapy

During your whole-body cryotherapy session, blood is pulled away to the core, picking up oxygen and nutrients along the way. Upon exiting the cryosauna, the enriched blood is rushed back throughout the body, aiding in toxin removal that leaves the skin glowing and refreshed. 

Whole-body cryotherapy has been known to help with skin issues such as: acne, eczema, stretch marks, psoriasis, scarring and so much more. 

While it is recommended to do at least 10 sessions in your first 30 days, clients typically see results in just 4-7 sessions, as long as those sessions are in close proximity. It's all about accumulation, so the more sessions you can accumulate in the beginning, the better. After that, the key is maintaining, so roughly one session per week can help you maintain your results. (Sometimes more, sometimes less) Maintenance varies from person to person. 

What's so great about whole-body cryotherapy in comparison to medications and creams? It's safe, natural and has no negative side effects!

Friday, January 6, 2017

What's the difference between the cold outside and the cold in the cryosauna?

You may be wondering, as you drive through snow or across icy roads to do whole-body cryotherapy, "Why am I still doing this?" Can't I just stand outside?"
Valid question.

The cold outside is not nearly as beneficial for you as the cryosauna!

The cryosauna triggers your body's cold receptors into protecting you, which sends your body into a head-to-toe reboot! The cold outside simply does not.

Whole-body cryotherapy involves lowering your skin surface temperature to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, by enveloping the body in temperatures at -166 Fahrenheit or colder. It is impossible to achieve this being outside!

The cold outside, while being slightly beneficial to boosting your immune system, cannot even compare to the cryosauna! The cryosauna not only gives your immune system a huge boost, but it also helps flush toxins from the body. Blood is pulled inward, away from extremities during your treatment. Once you step out of the cryosauna, nutrient/oxygen-enriched blood is sent back into your extremities and throughout your body, as lymphatic drainage is increased. The cold outside simply cannot aid in toxin removal.

The cold outside cannot reduce inflammation on the level at which whole-body cryotherapy can. Blood may be slightly pulled away from your fingertips if you're outside long enough, but during a whole-body cryotherapy treatment, blood is not just pulled away from the fingertips. It's pulled from the legs and arms and into the core, as vasoconstriction occurs, meaning vessels are constricted as blood is held in the core!

 The cold outside has little to no benefit on inflammation and pain! In fact, the cold outside, especially when coupled with changes in pressure, can cause joint pain flare-ups. The cryosauna was developed specifically to treat join pain!

Calorie burning; You might burn 5-10 calories while shivering outside, but the cryosauna triggers a full-out metabolic response in which you'll burn anywhere from 400-800 calories! That's basically an hour and a half's worth of cardio, all from one 3-minute session!

There are so many reasons as to why whole-body cryotherapy is so much better than just standing outside. The reasons listed above are barely skimming the surface, but you catch our drift...The cold outside and the cryosauna are simply incomparable!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What is Whole-body Cryotherapy?

Have you noticed the strange new "freezing" trend sweeping the nation? It's called whole-body cryotherapy, and it's actually been around since the 1970's. 

Whole-body cryotherapy is a quick, easy and fun treatment! You stand in a cryosauna, which looks a lot like a stand-up tanning bed, only your head is sticking up out of the top. For 3 minutes, cool dry air flows over the surface of your skin. Even though we're taking you between 200-300 below zero, the air is so dry that you will hardly feel the cold, and you might not even shiver! It's an invigorating, energizing experience. Your body's cold sensors are triggered, even though the air is too dry to penetrate your skin. Your body reacts to the cold temperatures by pulling blood away from your extremities and into your core. (You'll be wearing socks and gloves to protect your fingers and toes!) Your vessels constrict, holding the blood from your extremities into your core, causing a boost of nutrients and oxygen to your organs.

 Your metabolism revs up to protect your core temperature from dropping, resulting in calorie-burning that can last anywhere from 5-8 hours! Endorphins are released into the brain, causing a happy/relaxing sensation. Many clients report feeling a natural high or euphoria. Your serotonin is regulated, which can improve your focus and promote deeper sleep. Most clients notice better sleep after just one session! 

Once your 3 minutes is up, you step out of the cryosauna, and all the nutrient/oxygen enriched blood flows back into your extremities, promoting healing and a major detox as toxins are flushed out from the body. This is very beneficial for your lymphatic system, as we typically take in an overwhelming amount of toxins daily.

 Your skin is now glowing, any pain you had is minimized or diminished completely, you feel refreshed and energized, and the detoxing effects can last for days! This can help to clear up all kinds of skin conditions including scarring, acne, eczema, psoriasis and many other ailments. Many people use the cryosauna for pain relief, because it causes a major reduction in inflammation. In fact, it was originally developed to treat people suffering from arthritis. We see all types of clients from soccer-moms to the Dallas Cowboys. Whole-body cryotherapy is beneficial to everyone!

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Monday, April 13, 2015


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